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Complimentary Services for The Bride -if you have 4 or more attendants receiving the same service. -Hair styled or Make-up applied,  Massage etc…

We require a minimum of $200 or 4 services or to travel

Are you looking for the perfect place to hold a wedding party for your bridal group, bachelorette party, or family before the wedding? We offer customized Salon Packages to fit every budget and can help you plan your special day at the spa. You may choose services from our extensive menu, and if you like we can serve refreshments. We look forward to meeting and consulting with you about your Big Day.

Trying to "grow your hair for the wedding"?
We offer clip in or Halo Hair Extensions . Add highlights, length, or thickness.
We have unlimited options. Ask for a quote.

In Salon prices start at:

In Salon prices start at,

$80-105 per up-do or formal style 

$44- 66 for short formal style or child under 5

$60+ for Traditional make-up 

$70+ for Airbrush make-up

$25 False Eyelashes

$20 to apply clip-in extensions

Additional in salon services:


We also offer the following pre wedding salon services: Hair cuts, highlights, lowlights, relaxing massage and facials, scalp massage and deep conditioning treatments for dry hair, and hair removal for eyebrows, lip, chin and fill face.

Brides: We come to you!

Travel prices start at:

$90-$110 Up-do or formal style 

$56-$76 Short Style or child under 5

$80+ Airbrush Make-up

$70+ Traditional Make-up

$25 False Eyelashes 

$20 to apply clip in extentions 

We Are Licensed in Both Illinios and Missouri and are prepared to travel every weekend so no worries, this isn't our first rodeo. 

Travel Fee: $0.58 per mile, round trip. We require a minimum of $200 in service to travel to you Retainer fee required for all packages & parties * A non-refundable retainer fee of $20 per service per person is required to hold or book any date and is applied to your final balance. Cash, Visa, Master card or Discover accepted. Checks are not accepted *All fees must be made by one person representing your group who then may collect payments from all participants if they are paying for services themselves. *There will be an additional $20 per hour charge for services provided outside of regular business hours, including Sundays and holidays *The Trial cost is the same depending on the amount of time spent. Thank you for choosing the Mane Attraction as your wedding stylists. Please contact us if you have additional questions, or to obtain a bridal agreement.

Collinsville, Edwardsville, Troy Hair Salon | Salon Awards


Prices may vary based on length, texture of hair and product used. Your stylist will confirm pricing. 

REVIEW from a satisfied bride:

Mane Attraction Hair Studio in Collinsville, IL~Makeup was one of the last things that I had booked for our wedding.  I went to a bridal show, saw that these guys did airbrush, and booked them on the spot.  AM I EVER GLAD THAT I DID THAT!  I wasn't super impressed with my trial because it was done at that same show and she was in a very obvious hurry to get me done and get to the ever growing line behind me.  I had seen pictures of their work online and was confident that they would be great on wedding day, though.  Three days before the wedding I get a panic call from my Mom about the hairdresser.  She had half backed out and, since it was my Mom's friend, my Mom was freaking.  I kept my cool and picked up the phone.  Carla at Mane Attraction told me to stay calm, they would make it work.  She asked me what time I could be there and I told her 5 am if that is what she needed.  LOL  She told us to come in at 8 for makeup and, since we would have downtime between makeup and hair, to bring some food and whatever to keep ourselves comfy.  My MOH brought trays of bagels and donuts, OJ and diet soda (my one vice in life) and we took over their kitchen area.  The girl doing our makeup, whose name I can't remember, was great!!!  She took her time and asked each of us what we wanted.  She had another job to go to but didn't rush through anything and all of us loved our makeup, from the Moms to me.  :-)  My mother in law had actually face planted a week before and had two black eyes from where her glasses hit, and you couldn't tell at ALL when they were done!  We had five makeup to do and nine heads of hair.  They were working us in while they were doing the weddings that had longstanding appointments.  We did alot of hopping from chair to chair, but they had ALL of the weddings done and out the door by 12:15.  There were easily 25 people in that salon between 8 and 12.  All of their stylists were fantastic!  We had several of us that were set by one person and styled by another, anything to make sure that we all got done and were happy.  None of us knew exactly what we wanted and I refused to be that psycho bride that wanted everyone to be done SPECIFICALLY like this or that, so the girls worked with their stylists and each got whatever they felt great in.  It was a great experience and I have already recommended them numerous times!


The Story of the Inexpensive wedding stylist 

The truth is that a good inexpensive wedding stylist is an oxymoron. If a wedding hairstylist or makeup artist agrees to style your wedding for cheap, they are probably not as good, or just starting out and looking to build their portfolio. Good wedding hairstylists and makeup artists charge more than that because they take their job seriously, not just as a hobby. Good wedding stylists have thousands of dollars invested in their equipment and many years of experience in the industry. Good wedding stylists know how to perfectly shape your hair for the style that best suits you, and your hair type or using the correct make up to define your best features. Good wedding hairstylists don't produce a pony with curls; they create memorable styles that evoke emotions. Good wedding stylists carry insurance, they are registered legal business entities, they pay taxes, they work hard, and they sacrifice their weekends to capture your perfect wedding day. Good wedding stylists charge more, because this is how they make their living. You get what you pay for. But if you spent a lot of money on your dress and venue, wouldn't you want to have some hair and make-up to complete your vision? Next time you think a wedding stylist charges a lot, ask yourself "Compared to what?" There is more to a style than simply welding a curling iron or make-up brush. It's the person behind the tools that creates the style. Let's give wedding stylists their due respect for all the hard work they do. The choice is yours who to hire for your wedding. But when you realize all that's involved in your wedding style (equipment, years of experience, business expenses, hours of training) the price suddenly doesn't seem as high, does it?

So, the ultimate question is: Do you want a good hair stylist and makeup artist for your wedding or an inexpensive one?