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Turn your straight hair into curly hair or make your curly hair smooth and frizz free. Redesign the texture of your hair by adding body, curls, or straightening of your locks.

Starting At:

Permenant Hair Curling Services
Permanent Wave...$75

For Curly Hair or a body wave

Special Effect Perm...$65

To give your hair that loose beachy wave

Spiral Perm...$134

On long hair to achieve spiral curls

Hair Straightening Services
Opti Smooth Cold Wave ... (to eliminate frizzy hair or turn tight curls into light waves)...$108
Opti Smooth Heat Straight ...  (for those curly girls that want to have perfectly straight hair) ... $158

CHI Enviro American Smoothing treatment ... (our awnser to a formaldehyde free smoothing service) ... $208

ENVIRO AMERICAN SMOOTHING TREATMENT...This unique formula is the key to help smooth and straighten hair. It contains silk and pearl which helps eliminate up to 95% of frizz and curl. The rich, luxurious formula will penetrate deep into the damaged cuticle.   (simalar to a "brazillan Blow out" for frizz free, healthy, shiny hair)

*price upon consultation

All Chemical services come with a haircut and hairstyle

Matrix Opti Smooth Hair Straightening Service

Matrix Opti.Smooth technology provides a cold smoothing service that smooth’s away frizz and controls curls or a heated straightening option that leaves your hair perfectly straight.

  • Matrix Opti.Smooth uses ionic technology to rearrange disulfide bonds within the hair, leaving hair straight, or smooth your choice.
  • The results achieved with Matrix Opti.Smooth products are immediate. The cold smoothing process smoothes away frizz and controls curls. Your hair is renewed, repaired and revitalized for a softer, smoother, shinier finish.  Your hair is naturally moisturized and conditioned. It becomes smoother, softer, and shinier with less frizz and static electricity. It also becomes stronger and healthier overall. 
  • A smoothing cream is applied, then smoothed by hand and then your hair is rinsed.  A conditioning neutralizer is applied, and then rinsed again. Then an application of a post treatment crème is applied, followed by drying your hair.
  • Your curls will not return on treated hair, your hair will be the same in 6months as at the end of the in salon process.
  • Touch ups are only needed on your new growth hair.  (typically 4 to 6 months for the heat service, 6 to 9 months for the cold service). 
  • If your hair has previously had chemical straightening It depends on what type of relaxer was used and how recently.  It is not advisable on top of hair previously relaxed with products containing any of these ingredients: Sodium Hydroxide, Guanidine Carbonate or Potassium Hydroxide. However, it can be used on the “re-growth” area.
  • If your hair has been colored you may still recieve the Opti Smooth Service depending on the condition of your hair, your technician will assess your hair for strength before beginning the processes.
  • Your hair color may slightly lighten during the Straightening or smoothing process.  It can be re-colored on the same day with the cold process and in two weeks with the heat services  
  • It is recommended that you use professional shampoos and conditioners recommended by your technician designed for use on chemically treated hair.
  • You must wait at least 48 hoursbefore wetting or shampooing your hair
  • During the first 2 to 3 days after the process do not use hair bands, metal or plastic hair clips, pins or other hair ornaments. And do not tuck your hair behind your ears, bending the hair in this manner may cause these bends and creases to stay

Opti.Smooth is specially formulated to keep your hair healthy and in excellent condition.  However, like all chemical treatments, some drying or “damage” may occur. Getting your hair trimmed after the service and using the recommended products will reduce this.

      Prices may vary based on length, texture of hair and product used. Your stylist will confirm pricing.