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At The Mane Attraction we take your hair style very seriously. We understand the importance of having a great foundation starting with the texture of your hair. Building the right style for your faceshape and life style. Then finishing off with the perfect hair color to showcase your personality. 


All hair cuts include a professional consultation, relaxing shampoo, expert blow out with style (when requested), product prescription and maintenance recommendation. Starting At: Adult Hair Cut & Hair Style...starting at  $4…


Whether coloring gray, enhancing your natural color, or stepping out of your box, your choices are endless!  Starting At:  Single Process hair color...starting at $65 Double Process hair color or Blonde lightening... sta…

Texture, Straight or Curly

Turn your straight hair into curly hair or make your curly hair smooth and frizz free. Redesign the texture of your hair by adding body, curls, or straightening of your locks. Starting At: Permenant Hair Curling Services Permanent Wave...$7…